Disbarred Jack Thompson Turns to Conservative Journalism

The South Florida Lawyers blog points out that 2 Live Crew enemy for life, recently disbarred lawyer, pixelante opponent/Palin lover, and occasional Riptide commenter Jack Thompson has found a back up career. And he's found it in an industry were it's increasingly hard to find any sort of job - good ol' journalism. Thompson is covering The Republican Governor's Conference for right-leaning Human Events.

Guess what he chose to focus in on? His favorite subjects of all time ever: traditional family values and what all those young kids are being exposed to. Basically here is the impotant parts summed up: 1. Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens is a sad ol' loser who needs to resign. 2. The Republicans need to talk about more family values. 3. We study too many of the African Americans in school, and not enough of the war heroes and that is why Obama is President and not John McCain.

Apparently all the kids know who Rosa Parks is (thanks to OutKast) but don't know about Sergeant York. He's the guy who played the first Darrin on Bewitched ... or was it the second Darrin?

Whatever, f they ever made one of them violent video games Thompson hates so much based on WWI all the kids would know who Seargent York was.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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