Did Justin Bieber Get Special Treatment?

Anyone who watched video of Justin Bieber's court appearance yesterday probably heard the judge note that it was the first case of the afternoon and Bieber's attorney then thanked the judge for "hearing us right away." There was little doubt Bieber received special treatment, but defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh was shocked at how fast the process worked for the troubled teen star. He notes on his blog that he's never heard of any other celebrity getting such treatment.

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Eiglarsh notes that suspects who are booked after 9 a.m. usually have to wait overnight until the next day to appear at a bond hearing. Bieber was booked at about 10:30 a.m., but was still the first case heard during the afternoon bond hearing session.

"That's huge! I've never seen that accommodation made for anyone in my two decades in the criminal justice arena," writes Eiglarsh. "Even other celebrities arrested in Miami haven't been afforded the same treatment. In their defense, Bieber is a big star and probably poses some additional challenges to the jail than average Joe inmates and/or celebs like Dennis Rodman or Bobby Brown. By way of this article, I'm not judging. I'm just pointing out the facts."

Granted, Bieber's brief incarceration did prove to be problematic for the Turner Guilford Knight detention center. Namely, the hordes of both media and crazed fans who had gathered outside. It's somewhat understandable that they wouldn't want that assembled madhouse outside for another 24 hours.

Still, the process did move surprisingly fast for the young Biebs.

"I watched in utter shock and amazement when Bieber exited the jail," writes Eiglarsh. "I could not believe how little time elapsed from the time the judge set the bond to the time he regained his liberty and was posing for the huge crowd outside the jail. Stunned! This wasn't just fast, this was Usain Bolt, cheetah, lightening, Michael Phelps fast. I've never seen or heard of any other inmate leaving jail so quickly after their bond was announced."

Eiglarsh however does note that Bieber was hit with the standard bond of $2,500 and no exceptions were made there. But for someone who reportedly just spent $75,000 at King of Diamonds and rented a few Lambos, that's pocket money anyway.

In related news, Bieber just posted this on Instagram:

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