Diaz-Balarts on Leaked GOP "Death List"

A list circulating among Congressional Republicans showing the seats that the party internally considers the most vulnerable accidentally got leaked online under the ominous name of "GOP Death List2". Six of Sixteen House GOP members from FLorida had the dubious distinction of being included, including both Diaz-Balart brothers.

The seats are ranked by vulnerability (5 being the most vulnerable, 1 being the least), both Diaz-Balarts have a ranking of 2. Meaning the party is concerned, but has higher priorities.

Good news for aspiring stripper Ileana Ros-Lehtnin though, the party apparently considers her seat safe.

The list also included seats it hopes it can pick up. On the top of that list is scummy WPB Congressman Tim Mahoney's seat, the only one the GOP stands to gain in Florida.

If this list's quasi-predictions all play out, the GOP would loose its edge in Florida's delegation (14 dems to 11 GOPers, as opposed to the current 9 dems to 16 GOP). With 58 seats they fear they could loose nationally and only 16 they dream they could pick up, their share of the House would slide from 202 to a measly 163 out of 435.

Now, it's unlikely that the Republicans will loose all of those seats, but it gives you a pretty good idea of the defeat they're bracing for.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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