Diaz at the DNC: American Dreaming

City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver yesterday. It wasn't exactly the most original one, though. He spliced together points from Barrack Obama's campaign, "I Have a Dream", and anything ever written about the "American Dream." Manny did manage to stick it to the "speek Englash onlee" types.

"Now is our time to restore the dream. A nation where you are not judged on the language you speak, but the words spoken; not by the color of your skin, but the content of your character."

The full text of Diaz's speech can be found here. Diaz is an independent, and the president of the US Conference of Mayors. A former Hillary Clinton supporter, he irked some by not endorsing Barrack Obama. Though, not offering an official endorsement, last night he seemed to be inching closer to membership of the "Change We Can Believe In" club.

"A nation where a 6 year old, like Barack,

like Manuel, can have access to opportunity, the audacity of hope, the reality

of the dream. A nation where future generations will be able to proclaim that

we left them a world better than we received."

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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