Desperate Dolphins Would Possibly Be Interested in Brett Favre

Well, Dolphins fans have been hoping all summer that the team would add a proven veteran quarterback. Sometimes you better be careful what you wish for. Sure, this Sun-Sentinel report is more of a "what if..." hypothesis shallowly designed for shock and page views, but the odd thing is that no one in the Fins camp really told reporter Omar Kelly that it was a bad idea.

Here's the money shot from the article:

Well, if Favre's interested in playing yet another season it appears the Miami Dolphins would like to be considered as a possible landing spot for this 41-year old future Hall of Famer.

"I can't rule anything out," coach Tony Sparano said when asked directly about a column the Sun-Sentinel published, advocating on Favre's behalf.

Sparano pointed out the Dolphins aren't scared to add aging players by mentions Tiki Barber's workout on Tuesday, and the fact defensive end Jason Taylor was re-signed earlier this week.

So, yeah, that's not exactly a "Hell yeah, tell Favre to text of over a picture of his, uh, resume." Yet, the fact that its not a "no thank you" is a pretty poor indication of the team's QB situation.

Would Favre be the worst option? Probably not. Yet, the guy's a fading 41-year-old grandfather who became a national joke last year after some sexting. He also broke a hell of a lot of Dan Marino records, and he played for the Jets. Ugh.

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