Democrats Pick Up State House Seats, End Republican Supermajority

Things just got a little tougher for Rick Scott and the Republican legislature to pass just about anything they want, as Democrats made small but significant gains in the Florida House last night. The Dems effectively ended the Republican's supermajority in the body, and may have knocked off Rep. Chris Dorworth who was scheduled to become Speaker of the House, although that race is headed to a recount.

Before Tuesday, Republicans held 81 of the 120 seats in the Florida House. That two-thirds majority left Democrats effectively powerless.

Last night, Republican incumbent State Reps. Peter Nehr, Scott Plakon and Shawn Harrison were all upset by Democratic challengers.

Rep. Chris Dorwoth, a controversial politician who was in line to become Speaker of the House in two years, may also be headed to defeat. On election night it appeared he was losing to Democratic challenger Mike Clelland in his Seminole County district. That race is now headed to a recount.

In Miami, meanwhile, Democratic newcomer Jose Javier Rodriguez knocked off GOP veteran Alex Diaz de la Portilla to add a Blue seat to the Dade delegation.

Several other house races were decided by less than a few hundred votes, and have not been officially called yet, but so far Democrats have done enough to end that GOP supermajority.

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