Democrats Blast Scott's "Sexist" Wedding Dress Ad, but It Wasn't Even Original

Yesterday we noted that a pro-Rick Scott web ad that parodied Say Yes to the Dress was so insulting to the intelligence of young female voters that we didn't feel the need to point it out, but, hey, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant decided it need to be said.

Of course, lost in the hullabaloo is the fact that the College Republicans National Committee also posted five other nearly identical ads supporting five other Republican gubernatorial candidates. It's just Rick Scott's that got the most attention.

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Here's practically the same ad championing Michigan governor Rick Snyder.

Scott's somehow winding up getting the most attention, racking up over 90,000 views at press time.

It's also become an issue in the Scott vs. Crist campaign.

"If Florida women needed another reminder that Rick Scott just isn't on their side, they got one today," said Tant in a statement. "With his latest ad, sponsored by the College Republican National Committee, Rick Scott demonstrates that he doesn't have a clue what's important to women, or how to talk to us. As governor, Scott has refused to support equal pay for women and restricted women's access to health care. Now, Scott equates voting with choosing a wedding dress, diminishing both voting and marriage -- it's laughable, demeaning, and sexist.

"Politicians like Rick Scott think the key to a woman's vote is to ignore the issues and talk about about dresses and reality TV. That's insulting. Rick Scott should take down this ad immediately, and apologize."

Scott's campaign has to yet commented on the web ad.

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