DeLuzuriaga Lands a PR Job

Former Herald education reporter Tania deLuzuriaga's fall from grace -- involving an alleged affair with then-assistant superintendent Alberto Carvalho and some dirty sexting -- may have only accelerated her to a fate that may await many of her former newspaper colleagues. She's landed a job in public relations.

DeLuzuriaga's gig at Colette Phillips Communications in Boston is as a senior account executive. Ah, yes, PR, the graveyard where so many journalism careers go to die. Plus the money is much better, and messing around with public officials isn't frowned upon.

"She is a young, 20-something person and she may have made an error in

judgment at this stage. It's not like she's 40," is the official word from the PR firm, according to the Boston Herald.

Yeah, she may have made a mockery out of her entire profession, but at least she doesn't have wrinkles. Meanwhile, there's tons of qualified journalists out there who will have a harder time finding a back-up career.

h/t to Onit, the commenter who brought this up.

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