Delray Beach, We'll Take Your Peace Sign Full of Naked People

Last week, ten naked people on Delray Beach attempted to arranged themselves in a peace symbol and take a picture. We're not sure how much of an effect this would have had on world peace, but it seems like a fairly innocuous act of unrestrained hippie-dom.

Maybe that's because we live in Miami, where toplessness is allowed on Miami Beach, and Haulover sunbathers let it all hang out. But for the restrained citizens of Delray Beach, it was just too much. So police broke up the nude demonstration, and the State Attorney's Office is mulling over whether to arrest the group of nine men and one woman and charge them with indecent exposure.

NBCMiami points out one possible solution from a Delray beachgoer: "I say go to Miami."

Prudish citizens of Delray Beach, give us your hippies, your peaceniks, your huddled masses longing to be naked.

Local nudists claim Haulover's nude beach pumps more money into the economy than the Dolphins and Marlins combined. We're not sure if that's true, but we don't mind a bit more peace or a few more dollars from naked tourism.

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