Deadly Tweets and Facebook Killers: Riptide's Ten Most Popular Stories This Year

Or "The 10 Most Totally Amazeballs Posts From Riptide This Year" or "Terry McCoy, Kyle Munzenrieder, Mike Miller, Allie Conti, Francisco Alvarado and Tim Elfrink Write Popular Posts" or "Are these the ten most popular Riptide posts of the year?"

We at Riptide haven't quite settled on a cloying headline format designed to ensure maximum vitality, but we do pretty well in the page view department anyways. In fact, here are our ten most popular posts from 2013.

1. Alleged Killer Kayla Mendoza Tweets "2 Drunk 2 Care" Before Causing Horrific Accident

Kayla Mendoza ended up driving the wrong way down the Sawgrass Expressway and collided with a car that killed two other young women. Just hours before she Tweeted "2 Drunk 2 Care." Her family alleged that her Twitter account had been hacked, but her Boyfriend later claimed that she had authored the Tweet.

2. Florida Teen Girl Charged With Felony After Science Experiment Goes Wrong

Kiera Wilmot, a student at Bartow High School with a perfect behavioral record, ended up getting kicked out of school and charged with a felony after mixing together a few chemicals in a plastic bottle that caused a small explosion.

3. Miami-Dade Police Choke Black Teenager Because He Was Giving Them "Dehumanizing Stares"

During memorial day weekend, Tremaine McMillian was chastised by police for rough housing with a fellow teenager. The scene escalated quickly and police ended up forcing McMillian to the ground and putting him in a choke hold. The reason given in the police report: McMillian was giving them "dehumanizing stares."

4. Derek Medina Kills His Wife in South Miami, Posts Pictures and Confession on Facebook

A South Miami man shot his wife point blank in the head and then posted a confession and a picture of her slumped over, lifeless body on Facebook (which remained up for hours). He now faces the death penalty.

5. Florida School Responds to Criticism for Expelling Student Over Science Project: "There Are Consequences to Actions"

In a follow up to the Kiera Wilmot outrage, Bartow High School defended their decision to expel the student. Though they didn't make our top ten most popular stories, the saga did have a somewhat happy ending. Legal charges were dropped and Wilmot given a scholarship to attend Space Camp.

6. Teenager Israel Hernandez Dies After Miami Beach Cops Catch Him Tagging, Taser Him

18-year-old Hernandez, a promising young artist, was caught making a small mark on an abandoned McDonalds in Miami Beach and was chased down and tasered by police. The stun gun attack ended up stopping his heart.

7. This Is How BangBros Made a Porno Featuring a 15-Year-Old Beauty Queen and a MurdererA follow up to our feature story on John Snavley, the South Florida porn star who murdered a millionaire after a night of escorting gone wrong, tells the tale of how one of Miami's biggest porn studios used an underaged girl in one of their films.

8. FIU's Pi Kappa Alpha Frat Suspended Over Facebook Posts About Drug Dealing, Hazing, and Creep Shots

FIU's Pike chapter got a little too cavalier about talking about drugs and sex on Facebook. When someone screen capped all the postings they ended up getting their chapter suspended.

9. South Florida Man Arrested After Posting These Insane Instagram Pics Seriously, do not post your illegal activities online.

10. Speedo-Clad Dolphins Fan Did Not Please Sun Life Stadium Security A co-worker was flummoxed as to why this post was so popular. "You have to remember half the internet likes pictures of hot dudes," I explained.

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