Deadbeat Kevin Burns Should Just Shut Up Already

We've been seeing a lot of former North Miami mayor Kevin Burns in the news lately. Last week, he appeared on a WPLG news segment complaining about parking meters in downtown Miami. Burns told the reporter that he had been gypped out of $7 because he didn't realize he had put his cash in a machine that only offered a one-hour parking flat rate. So he ended up overpaying. "I couldn't understand why I'm only getting one hour," Burns groused on camera. Burns certainly knows what it is like to take people for a ride. As we've reported in the past, the ex-mayor has his fair share of problems paying his bills and former employees.

Here is a guy who is in foreclosure, has a six-figure civil judgment against him, owes creditors for unpaid Christmas trees, and has allegedly stiffed folks who worked on his Christmas tree lots moaning about getting screwed out of a couple of bucks by the Miami Parking Authority. Talk about chutzpah.

Burns is also popping back up in city hall affairs. He was quoted in the Daily Business Review this week criticizing developer Michael Swerdlow's proposal to take back control of the Biscayne Landings project. Seriously, Burns just doesn't know when to go away. It would help if local media outlets would stop lending him credibility because the man has none.

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