David Ryan Sells Saddam Hussein's Guns: Quentin Tarantino, Can You Hear Me?

David Ryan, a lawyer who was disbarred for stealing from others' trust accounts and couldn't even declare bankruptcy right, has been accused with trying to sell guns stolen from the family of Saddam Hussein.

Ryan was charged December 19 with three New Jersey men in the crime.

Two of the pistols were marked Q.S. and allegedly belonged to the former Iraq heir apparent to Iraq, Qusay Saddam Hussein.

According to the criminal complaint, the guns -- which included two 12-gauge shotguns, two German pistols with gold inlay, and a pistol marked with the Jordanian flag, were appraised between $250,000 and $300,000.

One of the German pistols even had a picture of a moose.

Ryan was the guy who got things started. He mailed a picture of the guns and an appraisal to a New Jersey guy named Karlo Sauer. He said the guns were worth as much as $1.3 million.

This is a beautiful South Florida story. Make some cash off guns at a time when the nation is more pissed off about the will nilly sale of weapons than ever before.

It has a screwed up lawyer -- a bunch of doofus New Jersey criminals -- and a former dictator's weapons. Quentin Tarantino, can you hear me?

The Herald's Scott Hiaasen told the story this morning. Maybe he could star as the intrepid reporter

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