David Beckham Has Reportedly Picked Miami For His MLS Team

Through a number of rumors, chatters andunsourced reportsits seemed kind of all-but-official by now, but, hey, now the Associated Press is reporting that David Beckham has officially decided to exercise his option to own an MLS team by plopping it right down here in Miami. Though this one comes with an actual quote from an MLS exec whose certainly not denying it.

"We know that Miami is one of the most passionate soccer markets in North America," MLS Executive Vice President Dan Courtemanche told the Associated Press. "We have met with David Beckham regarding ownership of an expansion team, and we look forward to David one day owning an MLS club."

The AP reports that another unnamed source confirms that after mulling over Montreal, San Diego and Orlando, Beckham has decided on Miami. Beckham of course was in town earlier this year meeting with local leaders and scouting out potential stadium locations. Though, the report doesn't clarify whether the team would play in Sun Life Stadium or on the FIU campus.

The report also confirms that Beckham's business partner in the deal is American Idol creator Simon Fuller, though other investors could join in.

The MLS however would still need to sign off on Beckham's plans.

No word on when he'll make the announcement or when the team would start play.

So there you have it, Major League Soccer is all but officially coming back to Miami thanks to David Beckham. Get ready.

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