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David Beckham Admits to Being "Cheeky," Appears Ready to Compromise on Stadium Site

David Beckham has admitted, in the most British way possible, that his dreams for a waterfront soccer stadium in downtown Miami might be impossible. Yes, he's admitted to being "cheeky." He now appears ready to compromise for a not-quite-dream site.

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"I've been very cheeky in a way because I've gone into Miami and I said 'OK, I wanna build Old Trafford or Wembley stadium next to Buckingham Palace,'" Beckham told Bloomberg News. "My dream was to have our stadium on a waterfront. It's not worked out like that and we have alternative sites. It will happen."

For those of you who don't watch Dr. Who and that sort of BBC America nonsense, "cheeky" is British slang for being disrespectful or irreverent, but in a cute sort of way. Obviously, there is not an equivalent in Miami Standard English, because, "Fuck you, bro. Don't you disrespect me. Wipe that smirk of your face."

Beckham, of course, has already propose two failed attempts to bring a stadium to downtown Miami, first at the Port of Miami and then at Museum Park.

He's still committed to bringing a team to Miami but is now more willing to settle for an alternative site.

"Miami will happen," the former Manchester United player said in an interview with Bloomberg's Mark Crumpton. "I said I want to bring a team here and I will take a team to Miami. There are speed bumps along the way and we've come up against those."

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