Dailin Pico Rodriguez Sentenced to 50 Months for Lying About the Semen on Her Jail Uniform

Dailin Pico Rodriguez was sentenced to 50 months in prison yesterday after a judge ruled that she had falsely accused Miami Federal Detention Center correctional officers of repeated sexual assault.

Her claims fell apart when DNA analysis proved the spunk on her jail uniform didn't belong to FDC guards but to her boyfriend.

Rodriguez, 36, was first arrested June 25, 2009, after she used someone else's identity to obtain a driver's license and apply for a U.S. passport. She was sentenced to more than seven years on charges of identity theft, wire fraud, and false statements.

Apparently that ordeal did nothing to stop her lying ways.

While in the Federal Detention Center awaiting trial, she accused two FDC guards of repeatedly sexually assaulting her. She offered a pair of semen-stained prison pants as proof, along with strands of her own hair that she claimed her attackers had ejaculated on.

She also claimed her boyfriend could provide more evidence.

On that, at least, she was telling the truth: He had an unlimited supply of the stuff, but it wouldn't do her any good.

DNA tests quickly showed that the suspicious spunk belonged to her outside visitor, not the accused guards.

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga tacked another 50 months onto Rodriguez's sentence for making false statements, bringing her total to nearly 12 years.

No word on whether her boyfriend will be allowed to bring her more "evidence" in prison.

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