Not like this guy is ever going to get married, but just in case he does, he wants to make sure its "sanctity" is protected.

Cyber Attacks on Say No 2 Website

SayNo2.com, the website of Anti-Amendment 2 standard bearers Florida Red & Blue, was the victim of a cyber attack, mirroring attacks on a website urging California voters to reject their similar Prop. 8. (Passing Amendment 2 would put a constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions, even though both are already illegal, and possible eradicated domestic partnerships for both gay and straight couples. And Prop. 8 would invalidate California's gay marriage laws. They are both superdickish in their own way.)

The site was down for almost an hour early yesterday morning, and the organization suspects it was caused by a coordinated denial-of-service attack.

“With voters already casting ballots, the Internet is the quickest means our supporters have to donate and help defeat this unnecessary amendment,” said Derek Newton, Florida Red & Blue campaign manager, through a press release. “Every minute our site is down not only loses us money but costs us votes.”

Once more information is gathered, Florida Red & Blue will turn the issue over to law enforcement.

This election season has been rife with hacking uproars, most famously the leaks of Sarah Palin's e-mail. A loosely defined Internet movement called "Anonymous" has been linked to that incident, as well as attacks on the websites of Bill O'Rielly and the Church and Scientology (oh, and they got Oprah too, but not through hacking). Though it's unlikely they're the same group behind these attacks.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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