Current TV: Is Miami Just Beaches, Boobs, and Drinking?

Al Gore, inventor of the Internet, founded Current TV. You might have heard of it, considering two journalists affiliated with the channel were held captive in North Korea until Gore's old boss Bill Clinton went to save them.

So sometimes the channel is home to important, hard-hitting global journalism. Other times it is just dumb filler done on the cheap. Like the above clip, in which they decide to get to the bottom of whether there is anything to Miami besides "beaches, boobs, and drinking."

So they ask two other Current TV hosts, Jason Silva and Max Lugavere, UM grads. Basically it is every cliché you've heard about Miami when someone tries to explain away the other clichés. Also: Mokai is still a hot spot despite it being closed, Mynt was "legendary," and the cost of living is apparently really low. Hmm.

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