Cuckoo for Coconut

Mmm, frothy!

For ten years, the Miami Area Society of Homebrewers (MASH) has battled the Ft. Lauderdale Area Brewers (FLAB) in an epic annual contest of brewing mastery: the Coconut Cup.

And, after three nights of tasting and sampling in private homes, the battle will spill out onto the beery floors of the Titanic for a four-hour judge off. Beginning at 9:00 p.m. Saturday, losing beers will be placed on display for consumption by the public.

"It generally results in all kinds of wackiness and nudity," said Russell Everett, MASH Vice President. "But not the good kind of nudity."

More than 130 entries have registered from all across the state —and even some from beyond. I've entered a bottle of my own: Boner Stout — a thin dark beer with licorice flavors that I concocted from a mail order kit— as the H.R. Chubbykins III Esq. Southern English Brown Ale. With any luck, I will triumph supreme (in my category, at least). In any case, the Coconut Cup will offer the town a night of competitive revelry, the heights of which are just vaguely insinuated by that picture of an old Austrian man playing grabass in a parking lot.--Calvin Godfrey

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