Apparently, this guy survived. The guy setting up his generator did not. Go figure.

Cruel Irony: South Florida's Only Fay-Related Death Result of Storm Preparation

Before Fay hit South Florida, residents were bombarded with warnings from bordering-on-frantic reporters. Get ready, you were told. Do not underestimate the storm. The cone of concern is coming. Even this blog got into the act, urging you to prepare.

Yeah, our bad. Turns out the only death mild-mannered Fay caused in South Florida, was the result of a guy preparing for her.

As reported by the Miami Herald, John Robert-Graves, a 54-year old Highlands County man, bought a generator just for the storm. But in testing it out on Saturday, he asphyxiated himself, dying of carbon-monoxide poisoning.

But that genius with the wind-kite survived. It's just not fair.

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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