Crist Loves McCain as Much as Ever

There was a bit of chatter Charlie Crist wasn't doing as much as he could for the McCain campaign after he got snubbed in the VP department (and as one of our commenters suggests, maybe Charlie doesn't want McCain to win, so he won't have to face Palin in any future GOP presidential primaries).

But Gov. Crist is trying to silence those whispers. The Sarasota Herald Tribune says that Crist is "trying to do everything I can to help my friend,” and thinks that McCain can close the gap in Florida because he's the "comeback kid".

Sure, he could help the Maverick out a bit more, but who can blame him when he has a State to run and a wedding to plan. You know Charlie just loves picking out table centerpieces and flower arrangements to prepare for his marriage to a woman. So excuse him if he doesn't have any extra time to campaign for McCain. Oh, the things you'll do for love.

In any event, even with Crist's backing, we doubt McCain is one old he-coon who will walk just before the light of day.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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