”Bill, will they ever make computers that will know what the deal is with those airplane peanuts? Give me a little Elaine dance if it’s yes.”

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Reboots Its Microsoft Campaign

The problem with Microsoft's Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads? They were entertaining in a surreal sort of way, but didn't exactly make me want to smash my MacBook with a brick and run out to buy a PC.

The problem with Apple's long-running Apple and PC ads? At this point, they make me want to smash my MacBook (and TV) with a brick.

Local advertising phenoms Crispin Porter + Bogusky were responsible for those Seinfeld ads, but after mixed reaction Microsoft has decided to pull them. Officially, reps are stating this was planned all along, and the Seinfeld ads were meant as a teaser to a larger advertising effort. But Valleywag, which broke the story, claims that the redirection is more the result of a total crash and burn.

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CP + B is still on board with Microsoft though, and will debut a new series of ads spoofing those Apple spots starring Justin Long and John Hodges. Which I'm all for, considering those are starting to get annoying as hell. Then again, maybe I don't need even more ads reminding me of their existence.

In any event, Microsoft can try all the advertising it wants, but until it gets Vista in order and starts coming out with innovative consumer products on par with the iPhone, I'll most likely stick to my mac.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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