Crew: He's just about had it

Crew to Exit "God’s Waiting Room" Before Massive Coronary Event

Miami-Dade school superintendent Rudy Crew was on National Public Radio’s News and Notes last Friday, a show that explores current affairs from an African-American perspective. Referring to recent disputes between Crew and the school board, NPR’s Tony Cox asked him at what point he planned on calling it quits. Crew responded:

“This doesn’t have to be the place where you die. This doesn’t have to be the place where you have your first heart attack. And the kind of brutality that has been leveled by some board members and frankly by some people in the community has made me, as I say, do the calculations. What I’ve essentially said is, ‘Community rally. If you want this to continue you’re going to have to step up to the plate.’” --Emily Witt

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