Credit Cards Machines Finally Coming to Miami Taxis

If you want to hail a cab in Miami, you better make sure you have lots of cash on hand, because there's no guarantee the cab will accept credit cards. Despite most major cities requiring taxis to accept plastic, Miami cab drivers have been a hold out. Until now.

The Miami-Dade County Commission overwhelmingly approved a new law today that would require cab drivers to update technologies in their vehicles, which would include card readers.

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The mandates breaks down like this:

  • SunPasses must be installed in all cabs in the next six months.
  • Cab owners have two years to install credit card machines.
  • Within 30 months, all cabs must include GPS devices and backseat security cameras.

Going forwards all cabs put on the road cannot be more than three years old when they enter service, and cabs must be replaced by the time they're six-years old.

Drivers who wish to pick up passengers at either the airport or PortMiami must also now abide by a dress code of collard shirts, dark trousers or a skirt and closed-toed shoes. The new law also clarifies that drivers are expected to open the door for their passengers and put luggage in the trunk.

Drivers qualified under the "ambassador cab" program will be the only cabs allowed to pick up passengers at the airport and port. However, all drivers can drop off passengers in those locations.

Despite opposition from some drivers, the measure passed overwhelming 10-1 with Commissioner Jean Monestime being the only "no" vote.

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