Could This Be the Worst Season for Pro Football in Florida Ever?

Since the 1995 inaugural season of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida has had three NFL teams. In that time Dan Marino retired and the Dolphins mostly slunk into irrelevant mediocrity. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers captured a Super Bowl ring and had a pretty decent '00s, but are now back to playing like its the '70s and they're still wearing their creamsicle uniforms. And the Jaguars still haven't made a valid explanation for why they even exist in the first place.

The Florida teams combined worst year, as pointed out by Deadspin, was 2011, when the Fins, Bucs and Jags racked up a total of 33 combined losses. With the way each team has been playing this season it looks like 2013 could blow that lose total out of the water.

The Jaguars are so far completely winless with a 0-8 record. The Bucs, marred by an MSRA outbreak and media reports that the players pretty much hate their coach, are similarly winless with a 0-7 record. They're basically the FIU and FAU of the NFL.

Despite a surprising 3-0 start, the Miami Dolphins have now dropped four games in a row.

At the halfway point of the season the Florida teams have already combined for 19 losses. The only thing these teams seem on track to beat is that 33-loss year in 2011.

Looking at the Bucs' and Jags' remaining schedules we'd probably be generous to give them about six wins this season between the teams ... at most. Even under that wishful thinking, the teams still combine for 26 loses. The Dolphins would then have to win seven more games to make sure this isn't the worst season in Florida's NFL history.

We're not so sure the Dolphins have it in them.

Anyway, big Miami-FSU game this weekend, huh? Both teams undefeated and in the top 10. UCF's looking pretty good too. Knights might even get to a BCS bowl. How about that? Things looking pretty good for Florida on Saturday.

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