Could Alex Rodriguez Be a Miami Marlin Next Season? Keith Olbermann Says So

Are the New York Yankees looking to unload Alex Rodriguez on the Miami Marlins next season? That's what Keith Olbermann, of all people, is reporting. The liberal newsman turned baseball blogger says that the teams are discussing a deal that could see A-Rod traded to Miami in exchange for Heath Bell. 

Sources close to both organizations confirm the Yankees would pay all - or virtually all - of the $114,000,000 Rodriguez is owed in a contract that runs through the rest of this season and the next five. One alternative scenario has also been discussed in which the Yankees would pay less of Rodriguez's salary, but would obtain the troubled Marlins' reliever Heath Bell and pay what remains of the three-year, $27,000,000 deal Bell signed last winter.

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Of course, Rodriguez is nearing the twilight of his career and has been a headache for Yankees fans in this post-season, but considering the financial terms of the deal, it could be a good move for the desperate Marlins. Publicity-wise, anyway.

Rodriguez grew up in Miami, and continues to live here during the off season. He has a home in South Beach. He's a trustee of the University of Miami, and the school's baseball stadium is named partially in his honor (after he paid for upgrades). 

After this disappointing season, bringing in A-Rod could go a long way in reigniting interest in the team (especially as he'd be playing alongside former Mets star Jose Reyes). Unfortunately, it may only work as a publicity stunt. Singing a fading A-Rod alone will not guarantee success. 

Olbermann doesn't report how far along the talks are, but a Marlins source he talked to says the team believes the deal will eventually be made. 

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