Conservatives Start Calling It For Joe Garcia

Yesterday, Salon framed the Joe Garcia vs Mario Diaz-Balart race as a possible predictor as to just how huge Democratic gains could be in the House. Well, it's good news for Joe and the Democratic party that many conservative leaning figures are predicting a Garcia win.

Norman J. Ornstein, Resident scholar at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute (though, Ornstien himself his considered more centrist), calls it for Joe over at Politico. Even The Evans-Novak Political Report (Novak as in Robert Novak), put out by conservative news source Human Events, predicts a Garcia win.

It's interesting how conservative-connected voices are calling it for Joe, while all the respected non-partisan predictors like CQ Politics and the Rothenberg Political Report still have the race rated as a toss up or slightly favoring Diaz-Balart. Of course nothing is final until you all go out and vote.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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