Connie Mack Predicts Connie Mack Will Win Senate Race

So, despite the Real Clear Politics polling average having Connie Mack trailing by six points, and despite Five Thirty Eight giving Connie Mack a one percent chance of winning, and despite the fact not a single newspaper endorsed his candidacy, Connie Mack today has made a bold prediction that Connie Mack will totally beat Bill Nelson in Florida's Senate race. 

Here's the press release Mack just sent out: 

With seven days left until Election Day, the Connie Mack for U.S. Senate campaign today predicted that Connie Mack will win the race for the U.S. Senate based on the ongoing internal polling and analysis conducted by the campaign.

Specifically, the Mack Campaign predicts the following final results:

Connie Mack 49.1%

Bill Nelson 47.7%

Others 3.2%

Mack's campaign contends that external polls are too close too call (which isn't exactly true: the latest from PPP and Survey USA both showed Nelson with an eight point lead), and that he has a legitimate shot to pull off the 1.4 percent upset. 

Mack IV is the son of Connie Mack III, who actually did pull off an upset to win the same Senate seat back in 1988. Most polls had showed the Democrat, Buddy MacKay, up days before the race, but after all the ballots were counted, Mack III was proclaimed the winner by just 0.85 percent. (MacKay meanwhile always maintained the election was stolen from him by shady computer counting). 

Of course, polling has become a bit more sophisticated since the days of 1988.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.