Connie Mack IV Denies Calling Man Jackass by Insinuating Man is Jackass

According to a blog report, at an event promoting his support of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, Republican Senate Candidate Connie Mack IV called a heckler a "jackass." In a bizarre response today, Mack IV denied that he actually called the man a "jackass," but then insinuated that he did indeed think that the man was probably a jackass.

Mack IV originally opposed drilling for oil off of Florida's coast, but has now joined the "Drill, Baby, Drill" crowd. He's now touring gas stations across Florida to rev up support for the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to the original blog from RickBlog.Biz, a man identified as Barry Goodson engaged Mack after the event and the two got into a heated discussion.

The candidate stepped away from his pump number three post and engaged Goodson, who called the lawmaker's claims regarding Keystone "bogus."

"Tell me what's bogus?" Mack said, making his way back to his vehicle.

Goodson continued to hammer Mack. He talked about how he didn't think the pipeline would decrease foreign-oil dependency and about short-term jobs and environmental hazards.

"You know, you're dad, Connie Mack, was a good man," Goodson yelled at him. "You're riding on your daddy's coattails!"

The candidate posed for a photo with two people standing near the Ford, and then promptly left the Raceway station.

"He called me a loudmouth," Goodson said afterwards. "He called me a jackass. The jackass is him!"

What does Connie Mack IV have to say about all of this? Did he really call the guy a jackass?

"He might have been, but that's not what I said," Mack IV said during a question at a similar event at a Tallahassee gas station according to the Buzz.

Riptide would like to point that we're not saying Mack IV is an incompetent candidate who's running a sloppy campaign that's greatly endangering his party's chance of claiming a Senate seat. He may be, but that's not what we said.

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