Congress Pushes To Open Free Travel To Cuba

For 50 years Americans have been forbidden from traveling to Cuba, a policy that has contributed very little to toppling the Communist regime. It's not the answer, and it's never been the answer to ending the reign of a bunch of egotistical, silly little bearded men who have taken so much from so many in the pursuit of some weird version of socialism. The question now is whether or not opening travel would prolong this regime.

On one hand, Cuban-Americans and other tourists traveling through the country could bring a fresh set of ideals and encouragement to a country where even connecting to the internet can get you a jail sentence of 5 years. All the tourism dollars may also trickle down to those who need it most.

On the other, that money brought in could wind up in the hands of the ruling class, and could further fund their dominance.

The Senate and House have introduced legislation with bi-partisan support that would open up travel. Though, it should be noted that a few of the biggest NGO supporters of this legislation, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Farm Bureau Federation, seem more interested in possible profit than the plight of the Cuban people.

[AP: Lawmakers push to open travel to Cuba]

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