Commissioner Frank Carollo Bravely Fights for Diaper Changing Stations in City Men's Rooms

Don't say Miami city commissioner can't get something done if they put their minds to it. Miami City Commissioner Frank Carollo has emerged victorious after a months-long fight to get diaper changing station installed in the men's bathrooms at city buildings.

Since taking office Carollo hat not only found himself a first time commissioner, but a first time father as well. Problem was he couldn't find anywhere to change his 1-year-old daughter Brianna's diapers at City Hall. In fact, finding a diaper changing station that is accessible by fathers was near impossible in city buildings. Only a handful of buildings built after the County mandated changing station's in men's rooms have them.

So Carollo set out to rectify the situation, but according to The Miami Herald city officials told him that installing the diaper stations in men's rooms would cost about $80,000. That price includes the hiring of a contractor. Carollo then went out and found a cheaper price for the stations, and questioned the need for a contractor. He's managed to get the price down to $45,000.

The issue will come on to vote before the commission on Thursday, and Carollo is likely to succeed in his brave fight to bring diaper stations to men's rooms across the city.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.