Clooney Is Coming

Shhh, do you hear that? It's the sound of a million Miami Beach gold diggers preparing for notoriously single George Clooney's arrival sometime next year. Clooney, perhaps best known for his recurring role on Roseanne as Booker Brooks, is teaming up with Juno director Jason Reitman (you know the suddenly successful comedy director who happens to be the son of a successful comedy director -- ha-ha nepotism, nooo) and Vera Farmiga (the nice lady from The Departed) for a new comedy, Up in the Air.

Clooney stars as a man whose only goal in life is to rack up his millionth frequent-flyer mile. Farmiga plays the love interest who warms his heart. We imagine the ending set in an airport. Clooney's character is waiting for the flight that will put him over the milli-mile threshold, when all of a sudden Farmiga runs through the terminal and shouts, "George, it's either the millionth mile or me!"

Clooney replies, "But can't I have both?" and takes out an extra ticket, flashing that trademark smirk. 

Farmiga at first demurs, but Clooney responds, "If that plane leaves the

ground and you're not with me, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe

not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."

Then they kiss

passionately and board the airplane, eagerly awaiting their

complimentary peanuts and the rest of their lives together. Awww. 

Anyway, what? Oh! Part of it will be filming in Miami. Not

sure how much, not sure when, but it will be along with scenes in St.

Louis and Las Vegas. General filming begins in February.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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