Cleveland Fans Sending Old LeBron Gear to Homeless Shelters in Miami

Cleveland continues to be the whiniest city in all of American sports, but at least their latest drama queen moment over losing LeBron James has good intentions. A fan-created website and a Northern Ohio restaurant chain will be collecting fans' old LeBron t-shirts ...and sending them to homeless shelters in Miami. In return fans get an "It's not us, it's you" t-shirt.

BreakingUpWithLeBron.com started selling the "It's not us, it's you" t-shirts, and all proceeds will go to homeless charities in Cleveland.

Now they've teamed up with a chain of casual eating restaurants in the Ohio area to collect old LeBron shirts.

"Starting Wednesday, July 14th, we'll be collecting your old LeBron gear at all Yours Truly Restaurants and sending it to homeless shelters... in Miami," says the website. "It's time to get over this. Let's stand proud and give back."

Ex-LeBron fans will get the "Not us" t-shirt in return for their donated goods.

Well, we think, that's pretty nice of you Cleveland. Sure, it's slightly back handed, but we're glad you can help out our homeless. Maybe it's the first step in repairing the relationship between our two economically devastated cities. Plus remember, we'll always share joint custody of Bernie Kosar. Next time you're in town, Cleveland, we'll be sure to have drinks at the, uh, Clevelander.

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