Charlie Crist Back Up 8 Points Against Rick Scott in Latest Poll

Last time we checked in with polling for Florida's gubernatorial race, Public Policy Polling showed a surprising Rick Scott surge in which he had pulled into a statistical tie with Charlie Crist. However, Quinnipac has come along and released a poll this morning that shows Crist still eight points ahead of his incumbent rival.

Forty-six percent of Floridians say they'd vote for Crist, compared to 38 percent for Scott. Crist has the lead in all non-political demographics (even among men, by one percent, which is rare for a Democrat in the state) except for Whites (Scott leads 46-39) and those 65 and older (Scott leads 48-41).

Crist has a solid lead among political moderates, 58-26, and political independents, 48-32. Seventy-eight percent of liberals say they'll vote for Crist, while just 70 percent of conservatives say they'll vote for Scott.

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Voters see Crist better suited to handle almost every important issue than Scott:

47 - 42 percent, voters say Crist would do a better job on the economy/jobs

49 - 36 percent that Crist would better protect the middle class;

48 - 36 percent on handling health care;

49 - 35 percent on education;

44 - 36 percent that Crist is more honest and trustworthy.

His favorability ratings (44-35) are also healthier than Scott's (38-45). Fifty-four percent says Scott does not deserve to be reelected.

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