Charles Barkley: Dwyane Wade Has Become "Whiny"

Unfortunately for Miami Heat fans, the NBA lockout has not put a lock on the mouth of Charles Barkley, the unofficial president of the Anti-Heat Fan Club. Barkley was on Dan LeBatard's new ESPN2 show on Friday, and while he may be out of a broadcasting job himself next season, it seems like it may just give him more time to sprout backhanded compliments about Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

"Dwyane has become like the Miami group, a little whiny," said Barkley when asked how his relationship with his T-Mobile co-spokesman has held up. "You know, Dwyane's a great guy. LeBron's a great guy. They're both great players. I've never criticized them as a basketball team. I did criticize them for that decision when they came around on stage, dancing like idiots, talking about how they were going to win five or six championships. And he's a little sensitive about that, but I know I'm 100 percent right to criticize that stuff."

We now pause this post to allow you time to watch Charles Barkley dancing on stage like an idiot.

Then Barkley offered some advice to LeBron: "Stop taking himself so seriously. He's a great, great player. He's a really good dude. I would ask him to go and talk to Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan ... those guys who are really great like him. Every person who's a star or who's famous or rich or whatever, should always go talk to an older person who has been in that situation."

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