Channing Crowder: "I Don't Like Henne... I Just Don't Like the Guy"

Sure, Channing Crowder is no longer a member of the Miami Dolphins, but he seems to be determined to keep his position as the team's biggest loudmouth. The temporarily "retired" linebacker was on the Joe Rose Show this morning on WQAM and unleashed some harsh words for Dolphins QB Chad Henne. 

"I retired and now I'm bashing Henne," Crowder said of what fans are telling him on Twitter. "I'm not bashing Henne." 

Crowder then went on to do something that seemed awfully similar to bashing Henne. 

"I don't like Henne," he continued. "I'm not a fan of Henne, and people kill me and talk about how you're bashing your team. Look at the numbers. I'm just being a smart football guy. I'm not talking about friends or enemies. I just don't like the guy, and I get criticized for it, but that's part of media."

Well, it might help if you just said, "I don't like the way the guy plays," and not "I just don't like the guy." Just a thought. 

This isn't the first time Crowder has questioned Henne's commitment to the Dolphins. In August he wondered whether Henne really had it in his heart to win, before announcing he plans to get drunk at Dolphins tailgating parties

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