Channing Crowder Hints He May Have Sold Memorabilia at UF

The Ohio State Buckeyes are still reeling from a memorabilia-for-tattoos scandal that caused coach Jim Tressel to resign and star quarterback Terrelle Pryor to leave for the pros. Though, there's plenty of people out there who don't think the idea of players selling or trading memorabilia is all that scandalous, or uncommon. In fact, current Dolphins player Channing Crowder has all but admitted that he did pretty much the exact same thing while playing for the University of Florida.

The Dolphin's particularly chatty linebacker kicked off his latest venture yesterday. He's hosting a two hour show on sports radio station WQAM starting at noon. Crowder's mouth never shies away from controversy, and he sort of hinted he may have sold his jerseys while playing with the Gators.

"I'll say hypothetically I don't have any of my Florida jerseys," Crowder said. "There were some Jacksonville businessmen who liked my play."

"I know why [Jim] Tressel got in trouble. He was lying," he continued according to The Sun-Sentinel. "But Pryor can't sell his own stuff? It's his!"

Sounds scandalous, but Crowder could have "hypothetically" sold them after he turned pro. We're sure, though, that no one up in Gainesville appreciated the half-admission.

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