Chad Ochocinco Likes to Jog Naked: "What's Wrong With That?"

Apparently, Chad Ochocinco is preparing for his stint on Dancing With the Stars by jogging naked around his home.

"I was running naked. It was in the privacy of my own home. Fuckin' noisy people filmed me," Ochocinco tells Sports Illustrated. "Yeah, why wouldn't I? What's wrong with that? I take a shower naked."

Ochocinco insists it wasn't for a viral marketing campaign, and when SI points out that it's not normal, he raplies bluntly: "I mean, some of the stuff that I do isn't normal."

"I don't care. It's me. You already know I don't care. Have I ever cared when it comes to anything? Let's just move on," Ochocinco says when the interviewer tries to push the point.

We can't even jog with out proper, um, support, so more power to him, we guess.

(Blurred) video is behind the cut.

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