Chad Ochocinco Johnson Promises to Be a Giant Loud Mouth This Year

Oh, thank Football Jesus! No, not you Tim Tebow. The real one. Whoever it is that answers our prayers.

Chad Johnson may have changed his name back to something decidedly less crazy, but that doesn't mean he's all the sudden going to become the picture of maturity. He says that part of the reason he didn't produce for the New England Patriots last year was because he restrained his personality. So this year, with the Dolphins, he promises to go back to his loudmouthed ways.

"I'm going back to my normal ways," Johnson told the Herald. "My normal ways, when I was at my best, when I got fined, look at the production those years. Usually things don't go right when you try to change the way you do things. I'm back to normal."

Yes! This is really good for our blog fodder!

"My personality was controlled last year," he continues. "You didn't hear me at all last year. Zero. Zilch. When my mouth is running, it forces me to perform. It's never been vindictive. I never got anybody in trouble."

So Chad, do you want to start this new you off with a crazy quote?

"Shut the bleep up," Johnson said in response to people who complain about his tweet habit. "Be real! How many [NFL] arrests have we had this offseason? But my tweeting is an issue? Get an [expletive] life, people."

There we go!

The Ochocinco name may be dead, but thankfully his mouth has been resurrected.

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