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CBS Wants You To Look At Some Boobs

CBS 4's website has the honor of hosting one of the stupidest things Riptide has seen on the Internet in a long time. And that's saying something. Like, it's not even amusingly stupid, it's just a flat out assault on intelligence.

It's a slide show of gratuitous celebrity cleavage with the headline "Real or Fake?" But CBS totally isn't stooping to devoting web space to aimlessly wondering if stars had boob jobs. No, they're just simply wondering if other things in the picture are fake, like "Is Toni Braxton's mic real or fake?" Fake, she is singing into a dildo. "Is Sophia Bush's skin tone real or fake?" Fake, she was actually born black and got the Michael Jackson special at the dermatologist. "Are Tara Reid's pearls real or fake?" Trick question, she's not even wearing pearls in the picture.

In CBS 4's defense, this seems to be on other websites of CBS O&O stations. Meaning they don't even care enough to cultivate sexist web content aimed at dudes too timid to look at real porn that best fits the needs of the local community. We are outraged!

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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