Candidates Endorsed by Miami's Leading Anti-Gay Group Mostly Tanked Big Time in Tuesday's Elections

Several local candidates competing in Tuesday's elections sought the endorsement of the controversial anti-gay group the Christian Family Coalition, but it turns out that the group's endorsement isn't worth much. Out of the dozens of candidates the group endorsed this cycle, only three of the non-incumbents they endorsed actually won their races.

The CFC's website proudly displays a headline declaring, "ELECTION ALERT! CFC candidates WIN! FORWARD TO EVERYONE!" which is accompanied by pictures of their endorsees who won. Except, several of those candidates weren't even on the ballot as they were incumbents who ran unopposed. Several others are incumbents who only faced nominal primary challenges.

To get the full story, check out their full list of endorsements and notice how many of those candidates actually lost.

In state legislative races, the CFC only endorsed three non-incumbents. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, the former Senate Majority Leader and member of the Diaz de la Portilla political dynasty, won in his bid to return to Tallahassee, but he probably would have done that without CFC backing. His brother, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla was defeated. Their third non-incumbent endorsee, John Patrick Julien, got the least votes in his House election, but because the margin was so small a victor has not been officially declared.

In local races, the CFC endorsed Joe Martinez, who didn't even manage to take incumbent Carlos Gimenez into a run-off and was soundly defeated.

In Commission District 1, the CFC endorsed Shirley Gibson, one of the group's most prominent endorsees, but she was soundly defeated by Barbara Jordan. Keon Hardemon got their endorsement in District 3 and recieved under 20 percent of the vote, and will face incumbent Audrey Edemenson, who got just under 43 percent of the vote in a runoff. In District 11, an open seat, CFC endorsee Manny Machado came in second, but will go into a runoff with first place finisher Juan Zapata.

In school board races, the CFC's favored candidate, Dan Espino lost. As did Ileana Petsico in her race for community council.

The CFC did its best in judicial races, but that's not saying much. Diana Gonzalez did manage to knock off an incumbent county judge, but only by about 3,000 votes. Andrea R. Wolfson, an incumbent, will head into a runoff. Maria Elena Verde managed to score an open victory for an open circuit judge seat.

Judicial endorsee Enrique "Rick" Yabor, Victor De Yurre, John "Johnny" Rodriguez, and Lourdes Cambo all lost outright.

So, of the CFC's 28 endorsees only 15 actually won (and that includes six candidates who didn't actually face any competition).

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