California Governor Candidate Wants to Put Pedophiles on an Island, Sounds Oddly Familiar

A minor candidate in California's governor race has proposed an oddly familiar idea for dealing with convicted sex offenders and pedophiles: he wants to put them all on an island. No, Ron Book has not moved to the Golden State.

Douglas Hughes, a dark horse Republican candidate, has made "Pedophile Island" a main point in his campaign, reports CurbedLA. When the sex offenders are up for release from prison they would be giving the choice to either leave the state, stay in jail for life, or live on an uninhabited island off of the coast.

Here's the plan from Hughes' website:

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The first of pedophiles to go to the island would be a lead team for "their society" such as police, fire personnel, judges, fish and game agents, forest rangers, ranchers, farmers, building contractors, surveyors, and the like to establish the "Island" community. This lead team will be responsible for creating a master plan for the "Island. The "Island's" master plan will include the construction of city hall, a medical facility, water department, police and fire departments, as well as provide for the farm, ranch and housing areas. All construction will be completed by the pedophiles assigned to the "Island". The first order of business will be to establish temporary housing, the farm, and the ranch. The "Island" pedophiles will write their own "Island" constitution. The constitution will be reviewed for any improvements by a State of California department to be formed to oversee the "Island". This will all occur until enough pedophiles have moved to the "Island" making the "Island" community self-sufficient...Life on the "Island" will include certain restrictions such as they may never leave the "Island", and they may never bring children to the "Island". If they don't want to live this way they should have left the state. However, once they choose the island that will be their home for the duration of their life.

Well, at the very least, clearly a lot more thought has gone in to this than Miami's own pedophile island under the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

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