Burger King's "Cutting-Edge" T-shirts Leave A Bad Taste in Our Mouth

...just like their fries! Ayo! No, but their onion rings are pretty good.

Hey guys, have you heard about Threadless, the T-shirt company that outsourced design and product selection to its customers? It's been in existence for close to a decade now, and hit its stride about three years ago when it introduced an in-house collection of curated, premium artists' tees.

Burger King finally has, and they like it so much they're doing it themselves. As part of their Burger King Studio project (fast food hipster outreach?), the King rounded up a bunch of "young, cutting-edge" artists and designers to crank out tees incorporating BK branding. Like this tee to your right, based on the 2k shirt's "John & Paul & Ringo & George" design that became a cliché years ago. And sort of like Threadless, you can create your own. BK's food might actually be fresher than these ideas. 

Burger King hopes to have these shirts in "select urban boutiques and retailers in the coming months" (good luck with that), but in the meantime, BK just opened a brick-and-mortar store in the very hip, very trendy location of Universal Studio's City Walk this past week.

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