Buk Fifty Graffiti on I-95


Are you one of the two gazillion people who has passed the sign on I-95 north where the graffiti crew Buk Fifty has scrawled its name over the dang highway?

It seems they did it in the dead of night Sunday at the entry to the express lanes -- and it at least lasted through the day.

Miami Police spokesman Willie Moreno didn't know anything about it. "Not our jurisdiction," he said. "Try FHP."

"It's a marketing coup," FHP spokesman Lt. Pat Santangelo says. "It's also a crime. Likely, many people saw that in progress. If you see this being done, call *FHP or 911. We can try to catch 'em in the act."

Now, El Jefe is no fan of graffiti generally, and we know it takes a lot to clean up, but this is very cool. Get on the highway to see it before it's gone. And we salute you, Buk Fifty.

Chuck Strouse 

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