Brooke Knows Best Castmate Glenn Douglas Packard's Drunk Driving Arrest Forces Us to Remember He Exists

Oh, you thought you were finished with Brooke Hogan and her little VH1 reality TV show didn't you, Miami? Well, apparently it's coming back for a third season sometime soon, and almost on cue to remind us that the show and it's cast members exist, Glenn Douglas Packard's, Hogan's gay BFF and roommate, was arrested for driving under the influence.

According to Miami-Dade's inmate information system,Packard was booked this morning at 10:59 this morning and is being held at the Pre-Trial Detention Center on $1,000 bail. Thanks to Random Pixels for the tip.

The other disturbing bit of information is that Packard is 41-year-old despite being identified as being in his early 30s on several online profiles. Dayum.

Before becoming a sidekick on a C-List cable reality show Packard had something of a respectable career as a choreographer working with the likes of Destiny's Child, Missy Elliot, Pink and Liza Minelli. He also earned an Emmy nomination for helping to choreograph a 2001 Michael Jackson TV special. And now he is that old guy from the Brooke Hogan show who got caught driving drunk.

As for the show, a third season of Brooke Knows Best is reportedly in production and set to air soon on VH1.

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Kyle Munzenrieder