Brooke Hogan Continues To Plot World Domination Through Reality TV

You got to hand it to a girl like Brooke Hogan. The official reasoning behind her family's decision to enter the reality TV fray with Hogan Knows Best was that it would help promote Brooke's burgeoning singing career. Fast forward four years, and three seasons past the fame, and her brother wound up in jail, her parents are going through a particularly nasty public divorce, and her mom is dating her former classmate. Add to that all the snark Brooke regularly gets from jealous, viscous, dreadful bloggers who only dress from the clarence section at the Gap. 

Lesser mortals would conclude that maybe reality television and all the downsides that come with it just aren't worth it, but not Brooke. No, she's driven and keeps it in perspective. 

The second season of her Brooke Knows Best premiers June 7th and follows her continued exploits in South Beach while working on her second album, appropriately titled Redemption. We're pretty sure her memorable, to say the least, poll dancing performance at Calle Ocho will be included.

She's dropped her first single, "Falling" ft. Stack$. It's not as good as the similarly named Alicia Keyes song, but it's the kind of slowed down, smooth jam lovers of 90's R&B radio will appreciate. There's a preview of the official video, shot in Miami, behind the cut. 

A Sneak-Preview of Brooke Hogan's "Falling!" from SOBE ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

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Kyle Munzenrieder