Dolphins Have a Quarterback Controversy After Brock Osweiler's Big Win
Courtesy of Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Have a Quarterback Controversy After Brock Osweiler's Big Win

Brock Osweiler threw for 380 yards and three touchdowns this past Sunday, leaving the 4-2 Miami Dolphins tied for first place in the AFC East in mid-October. His big game has also left the Dolphins with a full-blown quarterback controversy on their hands.

Other than that, not much of note came out of the Dolphins' 31-28 overtime win over the Chicago Bears. Just your average, run-of-the-mill, game-winning field goal as time expired after losing a fumble on the one-inch line less than two minutes earlier. Totally normal!

Also of note: I can't feel my face because that Dolphins game was the drugs.

Roughly 90 minutes before the game, word came down that Tannehill would miss the contest because of a crappy shoulder. That meant it was officially "Brocktober" as the back-up quarterback and interception-artist Osweiler stepped in. Hold onto your butts, everyone. Boy, do we have a story to tell those of you who missed this game.

After giving up an early 7-0 lead, falling behind, and then storming back to tie the game on the back of two long Albert Wilson catches, the Dolphins drove the ball all the way to the one-inch line in overtime. Then a single play melted Dolphins' faces clean off as the Dolphins reached peak Dolphins-ing and Kenyan Drake fumbled the ball, which the Bears recovered.

Drake was visibly distraught as he sat on the sidelines with a towel over his head for the Bears' entire possession, which ended in a missed game-winning, 50-plus-yard field goal that handed the Dolphins back the ball with a chance at redemption. A win and the Fins would move to 4-2 with a stellar shot at making a playoff run. A loss and the Dolphins would ruin a 3-0 start with a three-game losing streak and a banged-up quarterback to boot.

After a couple of short passes from Osweiler to Drake, the redemption was one 47-yard field goal away.

Jason Sanders. FOR. THE. WIN.

After the game, Kenyan Drake was visibly relieved. Instead of having to live with costing the Dolphins a much-needed victory, he and his team are heading into a home game against the Detroit Lions next weekend in first place, riding the sort of comeback, hard-fought win so many Dolphins teams in the past would not have pulled off. You could see the relief on Drake's face as he walked into the locker room.

Now, Dolphins fans will have all week to argue if a roughed-up Ryan Tannehill should play over a hot Osweiler. Yes, that's a thing that is going to happen. Turn on your AM sports radio station, kick back, and listen to the delicious craziness. Listen to it burn.

Or check Twitter, where many people, including media members, are already making the case that the Dolphins should extend "Brocktober" another week.

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