Breaking Bad: Ten Ways We Hope It Doesn't End (Spoiler Alert)

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Todd's Uncle and his goof troop keep the money and live happily ever after.

Even if you hate Heisenberg more than you should reasonably hate any fictional TV character, you hate Todd's uncle more, so seeing him keep about $70 million would really piss off everyone. Whatever happens in the series finale, this guy should be the first stop on Walt's revenge tour, and it should be biblical in score-settling nature.

Walt returns to New Mexico and is promptly killed by his neighbor Carol.

Can you imagine if Carol of all people took down Heisenberg? So shocked he has returned, she drops her groceries, pulls a tiny pistol from her purse, and takes down the greatest character in television history. All hail, Carol! Hell nah.

Huell, sick of waiting in the safe house, just waits longer.

You know he's hungry by now, but he's afraid for his damn life because Heisenberg is out there! Poor guy is sitting there wasting away deciding between eating and living, and you know when it comes to Huell, this isn't such an easy choice. Free Huell, dammit -- he never meant for all this to happen! At least get him a DVD and some In-N-Out.

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