Breaking Bad: Ten Ways We Hope It Doesn't End (Spoiler Alert)

Sunday marks the end of an era, when AMC airs it's mega-hit original drama series Breaking Bad for the final time. Creator Vince Gilligan has done a superb job of keeping viewers on their toes, so it's anyone's guess as to what the final 75 minutes have in store. One thing that is definite: Breaking Bad has no qualms about going to a very dark place, and nothing is off the table. More than likely, there are numerous things on the table that we have no idea about.

With so many directions this series can take Sunday, which ones would disappoint us? Let's toss around a few scenarios that would make for a less than satisfying ending to one of the greatest series in TV history.

Walt Jr. has finally had enough of everyone's shit, and avenges Uncle Hank's death.

Everyone has a breaking point, and Walt Jr. seems to be about three episodes past his. We all know Walt makes his way back to the scene of the crime in the last episode, and chances are one of the first things on his agenda is to see his son, but judging by the way the last episode left off -- that may be a less than stellar idea at this juncture. Pancakes won't smooth shit over this time, Walt.

Brock gets his revenge, gives Walt the stink eye for the last time.

Brock ain't 'bout that Heisenberg life, and now he's got nothing to lose with his mom gone. What's that -- he's just a child? I'm putting nothing past this show. A kid was selling meth from his bike a couple of seasons ago, and a mute old man in a wheelchair killed Gus. Brock has had a week to brush up on his GTAV, so you know he's itchin' to open a can.

Todd "Meth Damon" and Lydia win everything, hoist the trophy, and then have weird sex.

Todd, you son of a bitch. When we first met Todd, he was sniffing panties inside people's homes he was hired to fumigate. Now this dude is handing out L's to people like he's the goddamn Miami Heat. Todd wants Lydia's pink meth (heh, heh), and Lydia is turned on by percentages of meth purity, so we might just have a love connection on our hands. "What did you say, 92 percent? Do me, Meth Damon."

Todd's Uncle and his goof troop keep the money and live happily ever after.

Even if you hate Heisenberg more than you should reasonably hate any fictional TV character, you hate Todd's uncle more, so seeing him keep about $70 million would really piss off everyone. Whatever happens in the series finale, this guy should be the first stop on Walt's revenge tour, and it should be biblical in score-settling nature.

Walt returns to New Mexico and is promptly killed by his neighbor Carol.

Can you imagine if Carol of all people took down Heisenberg? So shocked he has returned, she drops her groceries, pulls a tiny pistol from her purse, and takes down the greatest character in television history. All hail, Carol! Hell nah.

Huell, sick of waiting in the safe house, just waits longer.

You know he's hungry by now, but he's afraid for his damn life because Heisenberg is out there! Poor guy is sitting there wasting away deciding between eating and living, and you know when it comes to Huell, this isn't such an easy choice. Free Huell, dammit -- he never meant for all this to happen! At least get him a DVD and some In-N-Out.

Saul opens a Cinnabon in Omaha.

He jokingly alluded to this being his ultimate fate in the last episode, but let's hope he's wrong. By now, you might have heard AMC has decided to create a spinoff called Better Call Saul, so it would be a major bummer if you had to watch that entire series knowing full well Saul now serves twisty cinna-pretzels outside JC Penney in the Omaha Galleria Mall.

Skylar tricks Walt into thinking everything is OK and then kills him.

A few episodes ago, Skylar placed a clown-like figurine she was selling on eBay into a box that looked a helluva lot like a coffin. What does it mean?! There are a lot of ways this spectacular drama could end, but Skylar winning is not one of them. Skylar winning would be like watching the obviously worst singer win American Idol or a judge screwing Mayweather. She's had her moments of likability, and sure, she's been through a lot, but let's not go making her the victor in all this.

Marie makes a bitchy face and sobs, the end.

Such a judgemental chick, this Marie. Now fully aware Hank isn't coming home, Marie is devastated, and crying, a lot, because she's Marie. You have to imagine the last episode has at least one more bitchy-faced Marie cameo in it. Let's just hope it's not how the series ends. Marie snapping and going all Kill Bill on Walt would be more funny.

Badger teams up with Todd, and new series Breaking Badger is born.

If there is one guy who would have no problem with anything Todd does in the name of the meth culinary arts, it'd be Badger. Badger has wanted in on the action for seasons, and Todd needs a cooking partner (that he doesn't keep shackled underground, feeding cookies and cream), so it seems like a good fit. Badger does need to make a cameo in the final episode, though, because we need one more Badger Star Trek story.

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