Break a Leg, Rover

According to Warhol, we humans are only allotted 15 measly minutes of fame. If one year is actually seven in a dog's life, does that mean that they get 105 minutes to be celebrated by the masses for their incomparable talents? I'm not whining that man's best friend gets a little additional time to shine - loyalty, obedience, and the ability to lick your own genitals should earn you a few perks in life. But when Rover lies down on the casting couch a few pillows may end up riddled with bite marks...which may actually turn on the Hollywood set now that I think about it.

If you think your pup has starpower, Sunday, March 22 there's an open casting call for a "bark on" role in an upcoming Disney "Buddies" film. Your mangy mutt could end up on the cover of the swimsuit issue of Dogs Illustrated with its legs crossed and paws behind his head. Your little Alpo addict could be the one pissing on red carpets across the country alongside Bolt or the Beverly Hills Chihuahua with his legs. That's right - your dog could be a star. The auditions take place at the Claude and Pepper Fountain in Bayfront Park (301 North Biscayne Blvd.) and sign ups are from noon to 2pm. Visit wdshepublicity.com for more information.

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