Bravo's New Fashion Hope Casting in Miami

For four years a certain segment of America (probably the fake America) gathered around the teevee, turned into Bravo on Wednesday, and watched Hiedi Klum bark "Your challenge is to make a three piece swimsuit collection using only days old pizza and floam inspired by a comic book character I'm randomly picking out of my velvet bag" at a dozen, fumbling wannabe designers whose only support is the gentle "make it work" they received daily from Tim Gunn.

Then something weird happened. The producers tried to sell the show to cat lady channel Lifetime, over 9000 lawsuits followed, and we're not sure if we'll ever get to hear "that's a lot of look" from Gunn's mouth again.

Bravo isn't wasting any time filling the hole in their schedule, though, and have a new fashion competition show planned, and it's casting in Miami. Designers 21 and up need to bring a portfolio and three looks to the November 8th casting call at Aerobar. For more info click here.

Not much is known about the new show except that maybe it's an adaption of a British series called Fashion House and that the original production company that brought us Project Runway

is likely behind it (they opted to sign an exclusive contract with Bravo's parent NBC-Uni instead of follow ProjRun to movie of the week territory). Anyway, to Miami's frock making hopefuls: good luck and (the obligatory) "make it work."

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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